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Pyrin Coin (PYI) has gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts due to its unique features and promising potential. Buying Pyrin on the MEXC Exchange is a straightforward process, and this guide will walk you through the necessary steps to get started with your investment.

Understanding Pyrin

What is Pyrin?

Pyrin Coin (PYI) is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer scalable, instant transactions with low fees. It combines innovative technologies like BlockDAG and GhostDAG with smart contracts and operates on a resource-managing Proof-of-Work (PAIW) mechanism, ensuring enhanced security and resistance to ASIC mining.

Key Features and Benefits

Scalability: Pyrin’s technology ensures that transactions are processed quickly, even as the network grows.

Low Fees: The transaction fees are minimal, making it cost-effective for users.

Security: The PAIW mechanism provides strong security against common threats.

Decentralization: Pyrin maintains a decentralized network, promoting transparency and trust.

Investment Potential: With its innovative features and growing market presence, Pyrin presents a promising investment opportunity.

Setting Up on MEXC

Creating an Account

Visit MEXC’s Website: Navigate to the MEXC Exchange and click on “Sign Up.”

Register: Enter your email address and create a strong password. Verify your email through the confirmation link sent to your inbox.

Set Up 2FA: For added security, enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

Verifying Your Identity

Complete KYC: The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is crucial for security and unlocking higher withdrawal limits. Provide identification documents and a selfie as per the instructions.

Wait for Approval: Verification usually takes a few hours to a few days. Once approved, you’ll have full access to the exchange’s features.

Funding Your Account

Deposit Methods

Bank Transfer: Transfer funds directly from your bank account to MEXC.

Credit/Debit Card: Purchase USDT or other cryptocurrencies directly on the platform using your card.

Crypto Deposit: Deposit other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) into your MEXC wallet and trade them for USDT.

Choosing the Right Currency

Select USDT: Since PYI is traded against USDT, it’s recommended to fund your account with USDT.

Convert Other Cryptos: If you deposited BTC or ETH, convert them to USDT using the platform’s trading feature.

Buying Pyrin

Navigating the Trading Platform

Access the Markets: Go to the “Markets” section on MEXC.

Search for PYI: Use the search bar to find the PYI/USDT trading pair.

Placing a Buy Order

Choose Order Type:

Market Order: Buy PYI at the current market price.

Limit Order: Set a specific price at which you want to buy PYI. The order will execute once the market reaches your price.

Enter Amount: Specify the amount of PYI you wish to purchase.

Confirm Order: Review your order details and confirm the purchase. Your PYI will be credited to your account once the order is executed.

Managing Your Pyrin

Storing Pyrin Securely

Use a Hardware Wallet: Devices like Ledger Nano S and Trezor offer high security by keeping your private keys offline.

Opt for Software Wallets: Mobile and desktop wallets like Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet provide a good balance of convenience and security.

Consider a Paper Wallet: Generate a paper wallet to store your private keys offline. This method is highly secure but requires careful handling.

Monitoring Your Investment

Regularly Check Prices: Stay updated with the latest price movements of PYI.

Use Alerts: Set up price alerts to notify you of significant changes.

Review Market News: Keep an eye on news and developments related to Pyrin to make informed decisions.


Buying Pyrin on the MEXC Exchange is a simple and efficient process. By following this guide, you can set up your account, fund it, and purchase Pyrin with ease. Securely storing your Pyrin and monitoring your investment will help you maximize your potential returns. Start your Pyrin investment journey today and take advantage of its unique features and growth potential.

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